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How to apply patches and upgrades

This article describes the easy steps on how to apply patches and install new versions over existing software.

Our software, both the IM server and client messengers, is based on a flexible installation engine offering an easy and fast patching/upgrading without uninstalling the software. If you already use the software, you do not have to uninstall it in order to install a new version.

You can use the "IM Client Updates & Branding" built-in feature to deploy new versions and updates for IM client software. For more information see documentation section for the server software available at Managing IM client updates and installations.

It's simple, just launch the new setup program

Run the patch file or the new setup wizard. The Setup Wizard should detect the existing version of the software and display the Welcome to Upgrade Wizard dialog box. Simply click Next to apply the patch or install the new version of the software over the existing (previous) version. The setup program closes all open and running files of the program.

Is that all?

After the Setup Wizard is completed, you can run the program and get the new version working in the same way as the previous version. See the About dialog box, it shows the new version, doesn't it?

After installing the new version/patch of Bopup Communication Server, you should verify the program service to make sure that your IM server is working. Just open the Management Console and look at the Welcome page (see the Control Service part).

Starting the service after installing patch/upgrade

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